Benefits of real fur - 3 reasons to wear a real fur coat | Sarigianni Furs
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The unbeatable benefits of real fur - 3 reasons to wear a real fur coat - Sarigianni Furs

The unbeatable benefits of real fur – 3 reasons to wear a real fur coat

It’s been a very long time since a winter coat was only about warmth and protection while you head out into the cold winter temperatures. Now it’s warmth and protection along with comfort and of course style. When people purchace a winter coat, it must meet at least three of these certain requirements. If it meets all four of them, then it’s considered a great choice. But there is a winter garment that goes even further than that. Real fur coats have three more unbeatable benefits that no man-made garment can meet.


Real fur offers incomparable, high quality warmth and comfort


The key to stay warm without sweating and overheating is good breathability and comfort. Most of the natural materials like cotton do not provide warmth while synthetic materials do not offer good breathability. Down and feather jackets are great choices for autumn and mild winter. But for chilly temperatures and freezing cold, these jackets are often bulky and you might end end looking like and moving like the Michelin Man.


The most obvious benefit of fur coats is the incredible warmth that real fur offers. But despite the overall need to stay warm, your skin also needs to breathe to prevent excessive sweating. If your garment or garments are too thick or lack of breathability, this will lead to sweat accumulation and subsequently to overheating. What’s even worse? If you decide to open or take off your garment, the newly-created moisture can force you to deal with the additional cold.

Real fur coats provide you with unmatched heat retention while at the same time they provide excellent breathability to your body. This incredible combination of characteristics makes real fur ideal for extreme cold.


In order to attain a good level of warmth, an average person could also wear several layers of man-made coating. Nowadays this is also a hot trend – layering. But before you attempt going out wearing two coats, a suit, sweater, a shirt and a scarf, you must spend hours in front of a mirror to master it. Or you can just throw a mink fur coat with a stand collar on your shoulders and you’re ready to face sub-zero temperatures and the harshest weather conditions just like that. Comfortable, elegant and warm – all in one. Real fur helps you become comfortably warm without banking on the expense of a bulkier outfit.

Warmth is the most important factor to take into consideration during winter but this does not mean you have to compromise on your comfort or comport with being bulky. The organic nature of real fur allows it to breathe, providing you with optimal comfort as well.


Real fur coats are both eco-friendly & human-friendly


Most synthetic man-made materials used in winter garments take a very long time to break down. Faux fur, the alternative for real furs, is a 100% petroleum-based, non biodegradable product. Fashion industry now focuses on environmentally friendly materials, replacing the synthetic materials with natural, human-friendly or adding more upcycled raw materials to the manufacturing process. Any product like faux fur, made of petroleum which is non-renewable resource, difficult to extract, transport, and process ( huge environmental carbon footprint) is slowly but steadily turning into a red flag.

Have you ever thought of what happens to a worn out faux fur? When a faux fur comlpetes its lifespan and is thrown away, it will sooner or later start shedding. Those tiny and super-light petrochemical microfibers will stay burried in the ground for hundreds of years, or even worse, will be transferd through air miles away and probably reach rivers and sea, poluting water sources along with all the living things in it. Eventually, those microfibers might even return to people again, throught food and water. It’s the so-called plastic microparticles, the biggest enviromental problem at the moment, affecting people as described in The Guardian’s article “People eat at least 50,000 plastic particles a year, study finds”.

But even if you are not enviromentally consious or worried about eating plastic, faux furs shouldn’t be on your wish list either. Why? Several studies have confirmed the fact that the use of synthetics can increase the chances of developing cancer, infertility, and respiratory issues. Real fur, on the other hand, is a long-lasting, naturally degrating and 100% human friendly garment. Make sure you avoid the low quality cheap models that look suspicious regarding their origin and production methods. Instead of that, choose a branded fur coat produced from Origin Assured pelts. With proper care, most of the real fur coats can last almost a decade while mink and sable fur coats are so durable and long lasting that you can pass them to the next generation.


Real fur coats are the ultimate evergreen fashion pieces


Are you against the fast fashion phenomenon? Then you should consider purchasing a real fur coat. As said before, real fur coats are not only used to keep you comfortable and warm when you step out for a chilly walk. They will also put your outfit together, bringing out your stylish and sophisticated side. Real fur coats will last for a long time. They are considered to be a very good money investment because of their extreme durability and long lasting aura of elegance. This combination makes them the ultimate evergreen fashion pieces. Unlike some other trendy pieces of clothing which, if not replaced regularly, would only invite a few condescending stares, real fur coats will always be eye-catching and fashionable.

Real fur coats are a fashion that never quite goes out of style. This is the magic of real fur; it was stylish in 2009, it remained stylish in 2019, and it is very safe to assume that it will be stylish in 2029 as well. Want to be 100% sure for this? Just choose a classic or a minimal fur coat model and you have an impressive winter coat for for as long as it lasts! You can even make alterations later, but make sure you find a qualified furrier. Only a qualified furriers know how to handle fur and carry out successfully the changes you want in order to transform your coat into something new.

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